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We have treadmills, bikes, spin bikes, stairmasters, and ellipticals to provide you with your cardio needs to get lean and toned.  Easy start and stop buttons with levels and different workout programs to challenge and increase your work out experience.  

Circuit Training Equipment

Kicks Fitness has a 17 different circuit machines for lower and upper body that target those certain muscles.  Matrix equipment provides adjustable weights so you can increase or decrease your weight with a description and picture that explains the movement and goals of the machine.

Plate Load Equipment

Plate load equipment can help increase your strength and hit your goals to get past a plateau with two squat racks, bench presses, and 13 plate load machines.  Two Matrix 13 cable machines that are adjustable to focus on certain areas of the body.

Free Weights

An extra-large section of dumbbells is also offered that can help you gain strength to get lean, toned, and build muscle.  A variety of free weights vary from 3 pounds up to 125 pounds along with adjustable seats and benches to make lifting more efficient.  

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